Who we are: We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) providing free mental health support for medical, first responder and educational in Texas.

We have built a community of support and resiliency for frontline workers in Texas. Our mission started for those healthcare workers who were directly involved in the COVID-19 response. The overwhelming amount of responsibilities that have been tasked to all frontline workers (healthcare professionals, first responders, and educators) continues to grow and create stress. As we have seen the need continue to be present, we recognize our community is relying on our frontline professionals and support staff now more than ever for the continued protection and services to our community. Long work hours, isolation, and staffing shortages all add to the challenge. The stress of the last few years that has been placed on these heroes and their families is still evolving, and we cannot let them battle alone. That is why we are stepping up to provide the mental health support and relief our frontline heroes need to remain in action and at the top of their games, all at no cost.

If you are on the frontlines and are feeling the stress of your job weighing on you, it is okay to get a little relief. Our licensed counselors have been specifically trained in medical culture to listen to you and provide you tools needed to cope with the unique challenges the medical industry is facing.

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After completing the submission form you will be contacted within 24 hours to get you scheduled with a professional counselor. We aim to provide long-term access to mental health providers to maintain the calm through whatever else life throws at these heroes. All therapists are Texas licensed clinicians trained in trauma response, the intervention process, and the medical culture.

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If you are in a department and know that your team could benefit from psychoeducation about the long term impacts of chronic and critical stress, then look no further. We have a 4 hour, Science of Trauma course that is meant to provide psychoeducation on the long term impacts of chronic and critical stress, discuss tools and tactics to mitigate the effects of chronic and critical stress, and discuss ways of developing a personal resiliency strategy so your people become accountable for their wellbeing.

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